7 facts about an Indeva industrial manipulator
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of electronic industrial manipulators, here at Indeva we know a thing or two about providing material handling solutions across a wide range of industries.  Below, we take a look at just why our industrial manipulators are sought after by companies across the world…

  1. Ergonomic advancements to improve employee health and safety

The negative effects that manual material handling has on the human body are well known. Strains and sprains to the lower back, neck, shoulders sustained during manual handling operations result in many lost working days.  The Indeva electronic industrial manipulator has been designed to significantly improve workplace ergonomics and prevent manual material handling-related injuries by eliminating the strain during load lifting and the inertia during acceleration, braking and direction changes.


  1. Safe – will never drop the load

An industrial manipulator from Indeva is equipped with a number of safety devices that retain a secure grip on the load, even in the case of power failure or accident.  These safety features reduce product damage and in turn will increase the productivity and profitability of your production line.


  1. Innovative design

An Indeva industrial manipulator comes with a number of innovative features which enable companies to handle loads of various dimensions, shapes and weights across a wide range of industrial sectors.   The use of a microprocessor enables the manipulator to automatically sense the weight of the load and balance this at each stage of the production line.


  1. Ease of movement

A float mode function enables the operator to have both hands on the load to perform precision load placement without the need to press buttons or hold handles.  These innovations enable even the heaviest loads to be lifted and moved in an intuitive and natural way without placing any stress or strain on the operator.


  1. Suitable across a wide range of industries

With a variety of bespoke end tools, we can design a complete material handling solution to meet any application.  We can provide grippers with suction cups, magnets, mechanical activated jaws and much more to handle loads such as glass panes, food and beverage items, electrical appliances, furniture, aerospace components, engines, and building materials.


  1. Can lift up to 320kg

With various models available, our electronic industrial manipulators can handle loads of various sizes and shapes from around 5kg up to 320kg, effortlessly.


  1. A pneumatic solution for those difficult loads

In addition to our electronic industrial manipulators, we are able to provide a range of traditional pneumatic manipulators.  These manipulators are reliable, robust and very versatile.  These can also be equipped with a variety of bespoke end tools and are suitable for handling offset loads.  They have been designed in accordance with ATEX regulations for use in controlled environments where there is a danger of explosion.


If you would like to find out more about our industrial manipulators, why not give us a call on 01246 252 333, or complete your details on our contact form.