Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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In a competitive market, it is important that businesses are able to maximise their productivity, reduce product damage and lower the physical demands of manual material handling for its employees.  The introduction of industrial manipulators in the workplace has been proven to do all of this and more.

Below, we explain why it makes sense, both for your business and your employees, to choose an industrial manipulator for all your material handling needs.

  • Improved ergonomics = healthier workforce

All industrial manipulators will have a positive impact on ergonomics. However, the new generation of electronically controlled manipulators from Indeva have been designed to minimise manual material handling injuries such as strains and sprains to the back, shoulders and upper limbs.

These innovative manipulators enable the operator to lift and move even heavy loads with such an ease that it feels like they weigh a fraction of the actual weight.   With no need to press buttons or hold handles, the operator has maximum control by being able to place both hands on the load to perform precision placement tasks with minimal effort.


  • Higher productivity, increased profits

Electronic industrial manipulators have been designed to increase the performance and productivity of production and assembly lines.    With a quick response to any movement, they are perfect for applications where rapid, repetitive processes are required.

Quick coupling devices mean that lifting and gripping tools can be changed with only a 15 second work interruption. As a result it is possible to handle various loads of different dimensions, shapes and weights without disturbing production time.


  • Can be tailored to meet your handling requirements

Industrial manipulators can be fitted with countless types of lifting and gripping tools to lift and move loads of up to 320kg.  From glazing to aircraft parts, car engines to washing machines, a complete lifting system can be designed to suit your unique operation.


  • Reduction in product damage

Electronic industrial manipulators come with state-of-the-art safety devices fitted as standard.  These devices guarantee against the load falling and retain grip on the load at all times, even in the event of power failure.  This, together with high precision in load placement, greater visibility of the work area, means that industrial manipulators will offer a noticeable reduction in product damage.

Scaglia Indeva is the foremost designer and manufacturer of electronic industrial manipulators and have the most complete range of manual material handling solutions on the market today.  You can find out more about our range of industrial manipulators on our website.