Industrial Manipulators

Scaglia Indeva are market leaders
in the design and manufacture of state
of the art industrial manipulators.

Industrial manipulators for a wide range of applications

Examples of our Liftronic® Series manipulators

The Liftronic® Series of manipulators are equipped with advanced microprocessor-based logic.  They are more compact and lighter than traditional manipulators, which enables operators to handle loads with greater speed and precision.  With fingertip control, operators can move heavy and bulky loads with very little effort.

Examples of our PN Series manipulators

The PN Series of manipulators are completely pneumatic and are perfect for handling offset loads, and can be designed according to ATEX Regulations for controlled environments where there is a danger of explosion.

Innovative industrial manipulators with many benefits

Our industrial manipulators have been designed to provide a number of benefits in relation to material handling. Both pneumatic and electronic models are extremely versatile and can be equipped with countless types of lifting tools to suit a wide range of applications.

As standard, they are equipped with state-of-the-art safety devices which guard against the load falling, whether due to an accident, power failure, or air supply interruption.

Manual material handling contributes to a large number of work-related injuries such as stresses and strains to the back, neck, shoulders and upper limbs.  All of our manipulators have been designed with greater ergonomics which can reduce, or even eliminate, these stresses and strains.

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Comparative Table

Model  Liftronic® Pro  Liftronic® Easy  Liftronic® Air  PN Ergo  PN Compatto PN Zip  PN Flex
Series  Liftronic®  Liftronic®  Liftronic®  PN  PN  PN  PN
Control type electronic electronic electronic  pneumatic  pneumatic  pneumatic   pneumatic 
Drive electric electric pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic
Auto weight sense and auto balancing     X X X X
Float Mode     X X X X
Vertical stroke  rope rope  rigid rigid rigid rigid rope
Gripping tools: custom, vacuum, rotation, special functions              
Gripping tools: simple and standard X      
Atex suitable X X X
Swivel joint   X X X
Remote Service App-Indeva     X X X X
Auto-diagnostic system      X  X  X  X
INDEVA® Modulo  X      X  X  X

= this feature is present           X = this feature is NOT present