From awkwardly shaped items to glass panels and fragile lifting, there’s nothing that our innovative material handling systems cannot handle.

With the most complete range of material handling equipment on the market today, we have the design capability and a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries to be able to create a truly bespoke material handling system to meet any requirement.

Innovative industrial manipulators with a wide range of components

Using a range of gripping tools and lifting components, our advanced industrial manipulators can be designed in a bespoke arrangement to handle any type of lifting and transporting task for any industry.  From bulky, odd-shaped and heavy items to loads that change weight as they pass along the assembly line, we can provide a tailor-made material handling system to meet the exact needs of any application.

We can provide a range of gripping tools which can be selected according to the specific needs of the application and are available with suction cups, magnets, jaws, and compact, scissor or linear pantographs.

Industrial manipulators for any application, any industry

Our range of electronic and pneumatic industrial manipulators have been designed to handle loads for a wide range of industries. These include agriculture, aerospace, automotive, ceramics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, food and beverage, foundry, furniture, mechanics, paper, white goods and much more.  In fact, there is no limit to the type of industry we can supply a bespoke material handling system for.

Our Liftronic® series of intelligent devices for handling, combines a range of innovative components with cutting-edge technology to provide a range of benefits including improved ergonomics and safety, increased productivity, and a reduction in product damage.

For handling offset loads and very heavy loads, our PN Series of traditional industrial manipulators provide the same benefits as the Liftronic® but with full pneumatic operation.  They are also suitable for use in ATEX environments.

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