In 2017 we began providing our expert advice on a range of handling issues for Wright Group. From seat handling, windscreens, instrument panels, and flooring materials, we supported the development team with the design of new electric buses. 

 The project was briefly put on hold during the acquisition of the company by Industrialist Jo Bamford, son of Lord Bamford (JCB), but was soon reignited and manufacturing began. We continued to support the team, this time focusing on battery handling. 

 The main challenge was finding a solution for fitting batteries weighing up to 130kg to the underside of the EV buses. The maximum height the vehicle could be raised was 1.1m and the operators needed to be seated on mobile stools while they carried out the work to the underside of the vehicle. 

Battery handling

We designed an innovative solution that would meet these demands, whilst prioritising safety and efficiency. With touch sensitive handling and a load-sensing raise and lower function to avoid entrapment risks, the operators were impressed with the ease of movement and level of control over the load. We were proud to receive feedback that the operators felt safe using the equipment and believed they now had the solution in place to embrace the future of EV buses. 

With previous experience of using Liftronic linear equipment for many complex operations, we were able to provide auto weight sensing, precision placement, and direct control of the load by the operator. This tailored solution focused on safety and Wright Group is eager to work with us further to supply manipulators for the other applications around their factory. 

 Compared to traditional manipulators, the INDEVA® Liftronic® Series offers significant advantages for ergonomics, safety and productivity and are highly beneficial for the automotive industry. Advantages include: 

  • Auto weight sensing and auto load weight balancing – the system automatically balances the load weight and continues to do so throughout operation. 
  • High precision in load placing – unsurpassed precision is provided, where the operator has exceptional control with the lightest of touch needed. 
  • Ergonomic and effortless load handling – the fingertip control mode provides immediate response to the operator’s movements. 
  • Quick movements – responding swiftly yet smoothly, there’s no lag between the machine sensing the operator’s movements and its response. 
  • Safety – state-of-the-art safety features prevent movement when the operator isn’t present and in control. 


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