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Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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It’s a big claim, but the new Liftronic Easy industrial manipulator from Indeva has a number of clear advantages which will benefit both purchaser and user.

Firstly, because the Liftronic Easy is part of the Indeva Liftronic Air series of manipulators, it combines the strength of a traditional pneumatic manipulator with the intelligence of electronic control which alleviates a common problem of ‘over travel’ or ‘bounce’, thus allowing for precise, positive load positioning without the need to make tedious and tiring corrective movements along the way. This precision also means that the load doesn’t suffer any impact when positioned.

The advanced electronics that are an integral part of the Liftronic Easy offers greater safety features. For instance in the case of load drop, the system recognises this has happened and counter balances the weight loss immediately, thus avoiding any potentially dangerous quick upward movement of the tooling. This ‘anti jump’ feature contributes greatly to improved user safety and operator confidence.

The load is also automatically and continually balanced throughout the operation via an electronic load cell and signalling device which delivers precise and perfect handling along the whole stroke. In the upwards and downwards movement, operators will find that the new fingertip sensing handle reacts instantly to touch, giving extremely fine control of up and down movement.

Indeva leads the world in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art industrial manipulators and advanced materials handling systems, working with manufacturers and distribution companies across a broad sector of industries.

Indeva’s Liftronic Easy is the result of the company’s continuous improvement policy over a period of 30 years and during this time these intelligent handling devices have led the world in design innovation and superior quality.

To see the Liftronic Easy in action, telephone Katie Shaw on 01246 252333 to arrange a visit to our UK showroom where you can test it for yourself and see the range of Indeva advanced materials handling equipment.