Liftronic® Easy-6, the newest in a long line of innovative industrial manipulator solutions for material handling

Using cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics, Scaglia Indeva is at the forefront of innovative solutions for manual material handling.  As part of our Liftronic® Series of intelligent industrial manipulators, the Liftronic® Easy lift assist device has been upgraded to make it more user friendly, easier to maintain, and with increased versatility and flexibility.

The new Liftronic® Easy-6 delivers all the benefits of the Liftronic® Easy and much more.  Designed for rapid and repetitive work cycles, it combines the strength of a traditional pneumatic manipulator with the intelligence of electronic control, providing improved and accurate load placement.

The Liftronic® Easy-6: an industrial manipulator with added benefits

The inclusion of a new touch screen panel interface enables the simple setting of all operational parameters.  With the addition of our I-Connect interface, which enables communication between the manipulator and the gripping device, the Liftronic® Easy-6 has been designed specifically to make it safe and easy for customers to add their own custom-made gripping tools.  Standard features of the I-Connect include up and down buttons, and remote emergency, start and float mode buttons.

The standard tool head provides easy access to electrical and pneumatic connections, allowing the quick replacement of alternative tool heads and cables, or the addition of swivel joints.  The handle can be easily adapted to be touch-sensitive, and can be changed quickly by means of a single screw.

Discover what the Liftronic® Easy-6 industrial manipulator can do for you today

The latest generation, multi-use Liftronic® Easy-6 is now in stock, which enables us to provide shorter lead times.  With no need to provide bespoke tooling, and the ability to easily to upgrade or adapt should your processes or production line requirements change, this intelligent lift assist device is extremely cost-effective.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the Liftronic® Easy-6, or would like to discuss your manual material handling operation and to see how we can help improve your production line, please give us a call on 01246 25 23 33, or email us at