Indeva Lean System®

Fully customisable flow racking, kitting trolleys and
LEAN structures to increase the efficiency of your
material handling and workflow.

The Indeva Lean System® – supporting the principles of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy that comes from the Japanese manufacturing industry and is a systematic method for the elimination of waste, using a set of “tools” to assist in both the identification and steady elimination of excess. Our research has shown that the implementation of Lean and its products can quarter lead-times, double productivity and save up to 20% of costs.

The Indeva Lean System® is versatile and re-usable, meaning it is an ideal system for companies aiming for space optimisation and continuous improvement processes to increase efficiency and profitability. The Indeva Lean System® can match traditional Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen principles of zero tolerance on waste and continuous improvement.

The Indeva Lean System® – supporting the continuous improvement process

The Indeva Lean System® represents the ideal platform for implementing the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Lean thinking in any industrial environment. These systems, alongside our comprehensive industrial manipulator range, offer a turnkey solution for delivery and assembly functions to all market sectors.

Our product offering includes a wide range of components including abrasion resistant plastic-coated steel tubes, steel joints, roller tracks and accessories and applications include ergonomic workstations, trolleys, carts and dollies, flow racks, gravity fed racks, line-side racks, shelving and modular stage systems – pipe diameter of 28mm – 28.6mm.

Indeva Lean System® is a comprehensive range of modular structures and component ranges designed to eliminate waste and improve productivity

With the INDEVA Lean System® you can design and build material handling and work assist structures to your exact specifications and requirements, thus helping to meet Lean Manufacturing standards.  Our products and components include:

World-renowned global companies across the automotive and manufacturing sectors have already chosen INDEVA as their corporate supplier of components and modular structures. If you would like to know more about Lean Manufacturing and the Indeva Lean System®, please contact us today, or view our Lean brochures below.