Exceptional handling solutions for cylinders

Being at the forefront of the design and manufacture of innovative material handling solutions, Scaglia Indeva’s advanced intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®) significantly improve the performance of production lines around the world.  From increased efficiency and productivity to improved safety and performance, whatever the application, we can provide the perfect material handling solution.

The handling of cylinders can often be tricky. Certain methods of handling, such as the use of chain hoists, can often lead to the load falling, which could not only mean damage to the product, but also injury to the operator.  Using chain hoists can also mean that the operator is handling the cylinder in a non-ergonomic, unhealthy position.

The INDEVA® manipulator, however, is the most suitable solution for handling cylinders of any size or material. They are equipped with safety features which guard against the load falling, even in the event of power failure.

Innovative features that enables the handling of cylinders safely and efficiently

The INDEVA® is equipped with auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing features, which ensure that the load is constantly balanced throughout its journey along the production line.  The self-balancing technology enables operators to handle a variety of cylinders with different weights one after the other, without the need to stop production to adjust the load weight setting every time.

With the addition of an end effector equipped with pneumatic jaws and ergonomic gripping handles, as well as a 90° rotation device that enables easy rotation from horizontal to vertical, cylinders of various sizes and weights are able to be handled effortlessly and safely.

Handling cylinders of varying sizes and weights with ease

The INDEVA® enables the operator to handle cylinders of up to around 300 kg in weight with such extreme ease and precise load placement, they feel as if they were handling much lighter loads.

To find out more about our handling solutions for cylinders and many other products and components, or to discuss your particular material handling requirements, give us a call on 01246 25 23 33, or email us at info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.