Liftronic® Mobile

A mobile INDEVA Industrial manipulator can also be used to set
up flexible manufacturing cells quickly and easily without
installing fixed equipment and then move them as the demand for
flexible manufacturing dictates.

Liftronic® Mobile

Material lifting and handling in a flexible manufacturing environment

Liftronic® Mobile is a mobile industrial manipulator: as safe, ergonomic and intelligent as all the other lift assist devices in the Liftronic Series, but easy and safe to move to different work stations. It can even be used as part of a temporary production cell and then can be moved to another location within minutes to assist with meeting the demands of flexible manufacturing.

In addition to all the benefits that customers have come to expect from a Liftronic® manipulator, such as improved ergonomics, improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity and better workflow on your production line, the Liftronic® Mobile offers additional benefits such as the ability to move bags, boxes or other containers weighing up to 50kg each from one location within your facility and transport and place them easily in another.

Designed to be easily mounted on an electric pallet truck, the Liftronic Mobile can switch between tasks and types of load with a simple and quick change of gripper, which include pantograph, magnet and vacuum grippers. It also has a counter balancing design and failsafe systems to ensure stability during lifting and moving.