Ergonomic material handling solutions for the safe manipulation of tyres

Leaders in the design and manufacture of ergonomic material handling solutions for a large range of diverse applications, Scaglia Indeva is the number one choice for many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

With a large range of industrial manipulators and countless types of gripping and lifting tools, we can provide a bespoke material handling solution for any application.  This enables us to custom design complete lifting systems that make it effortless to lift and transport heavy and bulky items such as tyres.


Safety features built in to help improve your product transportation

The float control mode enables the operator to place both hands on the load to give maximum control, and therefore be able to lift and move tyres in a safe and ergonomic manner without the need to press buttons or adjust switches.

Built in safety features that retain grip on the load in the event of power failure are included on our entire manipulator range, so tyres will never fall should such an event happen.

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