Industrial manipulators for the lifting and handling of building materials up to around 300kg

The building materials industry has a significant demand for the safe lifting and handling of a wide range of materials in varying weights, shapes and sizes.  Indeva has developed a world-leading range of industrial manipulators which not only answer the industry demand for safety, but improve productivity and workplace ergonomics too.

An ideal solution for lifting materials such as concrete blocks, in frequent and rapid work cycles, our material handling solutions based on a mechanical pantograph offer improved placement accuracy against a standard hoist.  Allowing for natural movement, no control buttons or pendant controls are required; instead operators are able to take advantage of ‘fingertip control’, where they can slowly manipulate the load in a near weightless condition.

Safe lifting solutions for the building materials sector

Indeva industrial manipulators encompass stringent health and safety features.  This includes an auto-balance feature, which responds to changes in load without the need to set dials or switches.

All Indeva manipulators are available with bespoke end tools, making them ideal for a range of lifting and handling requirements in the building materials sector.  From standard hooks, through to scissor grips, vacuum cups and linear chucks, our manipulators will safely lift, transport and place loads weighing up to around 300kg.

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