Bespoke solutions for safe and ergonomic handling of trolleys  and trays in the food industry

Scaglia Indeva has been at the forefront in the advancement of industrial manipulators to improve productivity, ergonomics and safety in production lines across a wide range of sectors.

Our innovative industrial manipulators, known as intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®), have been designed to be combined with a variety of bespoke gripping and lifting devices, which allows us to create a bespoke material handling solution for almost any scenario.

We have extensive experience in the design and supply of material handling solutions for the food industry, from lifting and transporting food items such as cheese and hams to handling trolleys and trays.

Make light work of handling trolleys and trays in the food industry

Our industrial manipulators, such as the INDEVA® Liftronic® Air, make light work of handling trolleys and trays in the food industry. We can create a bespoke handling solution that makes it possible to handle trolleys of varying sizes and purposes with only one device.

The Liftronic® Air, equipped with customised gripping tools fitted with ergonomic and touch sensitive handles, enables trolleys to be lifted, rotated and then placed with precision onto the floor or stacked on top of one another.

The ergonomic design of our industrial manipulators provide effortless lifting and moving of even the heaviest trolleys.  They are equipped with auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing, which makes it easy to lift different types of trolleys with different weights without having to interrupt production to change fittings.

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Handling large, bulky and heavy loads repetitively can place a lot of stress and strain on the operator’s body.  Our range of industrial manipulators, such as the Liftronic® Air, are equipped with intelligent control and a fingertip-sensitive handle which enables operators to lift, move and place heavy loads with very little effort, thereby reducing the stress and strain placed on the body. 

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