Innovative material handling solutions for panels, sheets and glass

Whatever the application, Indeva has a wealth of experience in providing bespoke material handling systems across a wide and varied range of sectors.  With state of the art innovations, we have made it simple for items such as panels, sheets and glass to be lifted and transported easily, safely and ergonomically.

Our industrial manipulators can be equipped with a variety of lifting and gripping tools including grippers with suction cups, magnets, and vacuum grippers, which can be quickly changed to suit the relevant handling operations.  With in-built safety features that maintain grip on the load even in the event of power failure, product damage can be dramatically reduced when an Indeva manipulator is introduced to a production environment.

Precise and safe load placement

With auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing features as standard, our advanced industrial manipulators make it safe and easy to handle panels, sheets and glass of varying weights and sizes, up to around 300kg.  The float control mode enables the operator to place both hands on the load without the need to press buttons, thereby allowing for high precision in load placing.

The addition of extended and foldable handles enables the operator to have full control of the load during manoeuvring large, bulky or heavy items such as solar panels, and large glass panes and sheets.

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Glass Handling
Glass Handling