Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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Expertly engineered material handling solutions for the aerospace industry, lifting up to around 300kg

Scaglia Indeva has been working with companies in the aerospace sector for over 30 years, providing bespoke material handling solutions for a variety of applications.  In addition to lifting and moving a wide range of components, our industrial manipulators for the aerospace industry can manipulate the parts to ensure that all intrinsic testing and inspection of critical units can be carried out with ease. With high standards required for accuracy and speed of load positioning whilst handling delicate and very expensive parts, there are many demands placed on Indeva equipment by companies within the aerospace sector.  The team of experts at Indeva have the knowledge and experienced required to design and produce industrial manipulators that will help to increase plant productivity and efficiency whilst handling items quickly and smoothly, positioning the load precisely.  In addition, Indeva will design bespoke gripping tools based on vacuum systems and pneumatically or mechanically activated grippers, which incorporate balancers to allow for handling offset weights and to keep the load fully balanced at all times.

Indeva’s aerospace industrial manipulators pushing the boundaries of modern technology

The innovative industrial manipulators designed and manufactured by Indeva for the aerospace industry offer significant advantages over other lifting equipment available in the marketplace.  Trusted by some of the world’s largest manufacturers within the aerospace sector, our lifting and handling equipment incorporates highly advanced features not elsewhere found. These include:

  • Advanced safety features preventing issues with power loss. In the event of power failure the manipulator will stop with minimal movement and will not lose grip of the load.
  • Real time auto weight sense and balance features. This prevents sudden movements if the weight and balance of the load changes during the process. This protects the operator and prevents product damage.
  • Fingertip control. Referred to as ‘an extension of the operator’s arm’, the operation of an Indeva manipulator requires minimal exertion and improves workplace ergonomics.

Material handling equipment designed for a variety of applications within the aerospace sector

Each Indeva industrial manipulator is designed for a customer’s exact requirements and we work with a large number of companies within the aerospace sector.  Our existing manipulators in this sector are providing services to lift, move and manipulate the following:

  • Blades
  • Moulds
  • Pumps
  • Body panels

Ergonomically designed control handles are available to complement the bespoke gripping tools.  Together with the auto-weight-balance, which ensures various weights can be handled without any pre-selection, our industrial manipulators are specialised to service the high demands for quality and productivity in the aerospace sector. For more information about our innovative material handling equipment and industrial manipulators for the aerospace sector, please click here.  If you work in the aerospace sector and have any lifting and handling requirements, call us directly on 01246 252 333.