Bespoke material handling solutions for manufacturers and distributors

Vehicle liftingThe needs of two businesses are never exactly the same especially when looking at the equipment necessary to completing a process. That’s why at Indeva, we design and manufacture bespoke material handling solutions specific to each customer’s requirements. We aim to thoroughly understand your process so our experts can recommend and implement a solution that will fit within your current production line and improve its workflow and efficiency.

Scaglia Indeva has supplied systems and complete solutions for material handling with various dimensions, shapes and weights in different industrial fields including the aerospace industry, automotive sector and food and beverage producers and distributors.

The team at Scaglia INDEVA boasts great expertise in designing custom end-effectors to grip, turn and flip loads in a safe manner. In designing each end-effector, great importance is given to ergonomics, often collaborating with ergonomists and doctors. By improving ergonomics within your business, you can not only meet health and safety requirements but also reduce employee absenteeism due to workplace injury and raise productivity standards as repetitive tasks will no longer cause stress or strain to your employees.

Expertly designed tools to maximise the benefits of using an Indeva materials handling solution

Industrial ManipulatorIn addition to the full range of industrial manipulators, Indeva can design and provide a variety of tools to fit your lifting and transporting tasks. Following are just a few examples of the available tools, but this list is not exhaustive so please contact us if you have any different tool requirements:

  • Grippers with suction cups
  • Magnets
  • Mechanically activated jaws
  • Extended and foldable handles, with the ability to turn the load and suitable to handle boxes, totes, glass panes, bottles and panels.
  • Vacuum grippers

By using these tools in conjunction with an Indeva manipulator, you will be able to grasp and move items from previously unreachable angles and locations. For example, using a vacuum gripper, you can pick up multiple beverage bottles from their rack locations, which is only possible due to the innovative tools and the ability to balance even offset loads thanks to an intelligent auto-balance feature on the manipulator.

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