Industrial Manipulators for Handling Radiators

Handling radiators

As domestic and commercial construction projects around the country increase, there is a knock-on effect to the building material supply industry.  As demand increases, companies need to increase their output.

Radiator production lines handle radiators of varying sizes and weights, and during painting processes operators need to be able to access all areas of the radiator to ensure that no area is missed.  Therefore, any solution to increase productivity whilst maintaining quality needs to take these challenges into account.

Safe, efficient material handling for radiators

At Scaglia Indeva, we have the ideal solution that can meet the demand for increased productivity when handling radiators.  Our advanced industrial manipulators have been designed for increased productivity, and improved ergonomics and safety for material handling tasks.

The INDEVA® industrial manipulator is a state-of-the-art, intelligent material handling device which transforms production lines.  Equipped with devices that allow 360° rotation, together with ergonomic and finger-tip sensitive handles, the INDEVA® provides immediate responsiveness to the operator’s touch, enabling them to lift, move and place loads effortlessly and ergonomically.

When fitted with vacuum grippers, the INDEVA® enables radiators to be handled easily.  Special sensors on the vacuum gripping tool automatically detect the load at a set distance and activates the vacuum cups, ensuring that the radiator is firmly gripped.

Discover the benefits of the INDEVA® for handling radiators

With unique auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing features, the INDEVA® detects and counterbalances the load weight of the radiators continuously.  This means that the operator does not need to keep pressing or stop to adjust balancing settings each time the load weight changes – something that is impossible to achieve with traditional industrial manipulators or by using hoists.

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