Advanced handling solutions for mechanical components, parts and tools

Scaglia Indeva has been providing advanced mechanical component handling solutions for a wide range of applications since 1970.  As market leaders in the development and production of ergonomic and safe electronic industrial manipulators – or intelligent devices for handling – we can improve productivity, reduce product damage and therefore increase profitability, regardless of industry.

With the versatility of Indeva’s gripping devices, we can provide the most suitable solution for handling mechanical components, parts and tools of varying weights, shapes and sizes.

Bespoke gripping tools to handle any mechanical components, parts and tools

Whatever dimension, shape, or weight, we can provide a bespoke material handling system for mechanical components, parts and tools, that meets the individual needs of each production line, assembly line, or logistics area.

We can provide industrial manipulators equipped with bespoke gripping tools to ensure quick and precise handling of components such as gears, transmission units and other cylindrical components.

Drills and production tooling tend to be very light (less than 5kg) so we would have to add weight to the tool to achieve balance. This makes it too heavy for lightweight work

Improving ergonomics during lifting and load handling tasks

It can often be awkward to lift and transport bulky, odd-shaped or heavy mechanical components, parts and tools, which can cause stress and strain on the operator’s back, neck, shoulders and upper limbs.  We have therefore designed our range of industrial manipulators and components to improve ergonomics and safety in the workplace. They enable the lifting and transporting of heavy and bulky items effortlessly, reducing the stresses and strains caused by manual material handling.

For more information on our range of electronic industrial manipulators, or to discuss manual mechanical component handling solutions with one of our team, please call us today on 01246 252333, or email us at

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