INDEVA® industrial manipulators for handling drums, barrels and containers

Indeva has a vast range of experience providing lifting and handling equipment to a large number of cross-sector companies, to lift barrels and containers weighing up to around 300kg.

All of our industrial manipulators can be equipped with bespoke gripping tools, depending on customers’ exact requirements. From lifting single barrels, to several drums at the same time, our lifting equipment answers the need for safer handling and improved productivity.

Bespoke end tools for a variety of lifting applications

From sophisticated vacuum pads to a simple hook, an Indeva industrial manipulator can be fitted with a gripping tool for almost any application.  Operators have to use minimal exertion thus dramatically reducing musculoskeletal disorders and other workplace strains.

The innovative features associated with our lifting and handling equipment protect operators from varying and sudden shifts in weights. The auto-balance feature automatically senses the load weight, adjusting the balance, if for instance, the load is being decanted from drum to hopper. Coupled with the float mode, which allows for highly precise load placing, our intelligent handling devices are ideal for applications where loads are transferred from one container to another.