Increase the flow of production lines with Indeva’s lean kit trolleys

Scaglia Indeva are industry leaders in the design and production of advanced industrial manipulators and Lean System® components that deliver higher productivity, increased flow of production lines, reduced costs, and improved safety and ergonomic performance.

The Indeva Lean System® consists of a comprehensive range of items, including lean kit trolleys, ergonomic workstations, flow racks and material transport equipment.  This enables us to be able to create tailor made material handling and work assist systems to meet the individual needs of each customer, regardless of application.

  • Configurable

    Only limited by imagination

  • Flexible

    Easily modified without special tools or knowledge

  • Modular

    Integrates seamlessly with other LEANSYSTEM® items

  • Mobile

    Wheels available for ease of movement

  • ESD Compatible

    Manufactured with ESD certified components

  • Design

    Choice of colours including black anodised aluminium

Lean Kit Trolley - Indeva Lean Manufacturing Component
Kit Trolley
Kit Trolley
Kit Trolley

Easy to manoeuvre, the Indeva lean kit trolleys will improve your production line

Easy to manoeuvre, the Lean Kit Trolleys are equipped with smooth running wheels, providing easy and space saving material handling alongside the production line, whilst at the same time improving productivity and ergonomics.

The modular design of our Lean Kit Trolleys means that they are completely configurable to meet any requirement and are designed to integrate with other items from the Lean System® range.  If your production line needs to be adapted to meet new processes or products, the reusable components can easily be reconfigured, without any specialist tools or knowledge.

All of our components within our Lean System® range, are designed to improve safety and ergonomics for operators.  We therefore ensure that our gravity flow racks are ESD (Electro Static Discharge) compatible and are manufactured with ESD certified components.


Lean Kit Trolleys supporting the principles of Lean Manufacturing

The components in the Indeva Lean System® range are designed to fully support the principles of both Lean Manufacturing and the Kaizen Philosophy.  This means that we are able to design and build bespoke systems which enables companies to achieve space optimisation and continuous improvement throughout their entire operation.

The Indeva Lean Kit Trolleys can be supplied fully assembled and ready for use, or because they are so simple to assemble on-site, we can supply all the parts and components pre-cut and packaged ready for you to assemble yourself.

If you would like more details on our Lean Kit Trolleys or any of the other components in the Indeva Lean System®, or would like to discuss your material handling requirements, please give us a call today.