Advanced electronic controlLook at many city-based commercial construction projects and you will notice one thing – there’s a lot of glass!

From Salford Quays in Manchester to The Shard in London, statement construction projects are giving their projects the wow-factor with glass-fronted buildings.

The use of glass in building projects around the UK – whether domestic or commercial projects – means that glass production companies are having to increase production.  However, the key is to increase production of handling fragile construction glass safely and ergonomically whilst reducing breakage.

Advanced electronic control helping companies to handle fragile glass

When manually handling fragile items such as glass, it is imperative for employees that this is done as safely as possible whilst maintaining high production output.  Companies producing glass panels for the construction industry will be handling a variety of sizes, and therefore any system for handling needs to be easily adaptable without stopping production.

Therefore, companies looking to improve safety and ergonomics – whilst increasing productivity and reducing breakages – are looking to a new generation of industrial manipulators equipped with innovative electronic control to let them achieve this.

Discover the Liftronic®, the ideal solution for handling fragile construction glass

Scaglia Indeva has produced the Liftronic®, a range of intelligent devices for handling that improves safety and ergonomics of handling glass, whilst enabling companies to increase production – and reduce breakages. A win-win!

The Liftronic® can be equipped with many different lifting and gripping tools depending on the application.  However, for glass it can be equipped with advanced self-balancing vacuum gripping tools that retain grip on glass panels of up to 320kg, even in the event of power failure.

Operators are able to lift, move, turn and place large glass panels easily and safely.  Built in features also enable the operator to have full control of the glass without the usual constrictions of a machine such as pressing buttons.  What’s more the auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing feature mean that production doesn’t need to stop to adjust settings when a different size or weight of glass panel needs to be handled.

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