Innovative solutions to improve ergonomics in the workplace

Scaglia Indeva’s range of innovative industrial manipulators has been created to deliver significant ergonomic advantages in relation to manual material handling.  Since 1970, we have been market leaders in the production of industrial manipulators, also known as intelligent devices for handling.

Our intelligent devices for handling have been designed to answer the growing need for improved ergonomics in the workplace, as well as increased levels of productivity and safety.  All of our manipulators comply with the latest UK and EU standards and regulations in relation to ergonomics and safety.

Our manipulators provide an instant response to the operator’s touch.  The float mode function enables the operator to place both hands on the load for precision placement, and with fingertip control, they will find that it is possible to manipulate even the heaviest or bulkiest load in a near weightless condition.

Reduce work-related injuries by introducing ergonomic solutions to your workplace

Statistics show that work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) such as strains and sprains to the lower back, upper limbs and neck accounted for 44% of work-related ill-health in the UK during 2014/15, with an estimated 9.5 million working days lost.  For example, work-related lower back injuries result in an estimated 2.9 million lost working days per year, equating to an average of 13.3 days per case.

Studies show that ergonomic solutions, such as our intelligent devices for handling, significantly improve operator wellness in relation to manual material handling.  This, combined with the resulting increased productivity, shows why it makes perfect sense to make improvements to ergonomics in the workplace.

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    Discover today how to improve ergonomics in the workplace

    Whatever the industry, if your employees undertake manual material handling tasks, even of the lightest materials, you can significantly improve their well-being by installing electronic industrial manipulators.  At Scaglia Indeva, we are so passionate about improving ergonomics in the workplace that, we have produced a publication which explains the risks associated with manual material handling. Ergonomic  improvements can improve significantly the well-being of your staff,  which you can see and download on this page.

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