All business owners will be only too aware of the many requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace and the legislation that governs them.  The wellbeing of employees is the major priority for all businesses, as failure to comply with legislation and regulations may lead to severe legal and financial consequences.

For companies involved in manual material handling activities, it can be quite a challenge to provide a safe and ergonomic solution for their processes.  Studies have shown that around 10% of major injuries are linked to the repetitive movements involved in manual handling, especially musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as strains and sprains to the back, shoulders and upper limbs.  It has been estimated that nearly 12.3 million working days are lost in the UK due to MSDs.  This, therefore, can prove very costly to businesses.


Businesses, however, can control the risk of MSDs by introducing industrial manipulators to the workplace.  These have been proven to improve the safety and ergonomics of manual material handling.  The new generation of electronic industrial manipulators have been designed to alleviate, or minimise the strains of manual material handling.  Studies also show that by using industrial manipulators, productivity is increased.


As far back as 1970, Scaglia Indeva understood the importance of designing industrial manipulators to help improve ergonomics for those involved in manual material handling activities.  All lift assist equipment has a positive impact on ergonomics and safety.  However, by applying innovative electronics to industrial manipulators, we have been able to produce safe lifting devices.  With the responsiveness and flexibility of the human operator combined with the power of a machine, our electronic manipulators give effortless, rapid and precise load placement whatever the type, size or shape of the load.


Further information regarding electronic industrial manipulators, and how they can significantly improve ergonomics and safety in manual material handling tasks, can be found by browsing our website.