Discover the Liftronic® Series from Scaglia INDEVA, a new generation of industrial manipulators

In response to a demand for higher productivity as well as improved safety and ergonomics in the materials handling industry, Scaglia INDEVA have introduced a new generation of industrial manipulators, or intelligent devices for handling called Liftronic®.  The Liftronic® Series of manipulators are intelligent, electronically controlled manual load handling systems which give the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator combined with the power of a machine.

For over 40 years, we have been market leaders in providing high quality, reliable industrial manipulators. We were the first company to introduce electronic manipulators to provide material handling solutions for various dimensions, shapes and weights, across a range of industries.

Benefits of choosing the Liftronic® Series over traditional pneumatic manipulators

The Liftronic® Series of electronic manipulators offer significant advantages over traditional pneumatic manipulators.  They can be equipped with various gripping tools and fittings, making them very versatile.  Because the lifting tools are much lighter and more compact than those used for traditional manipulators, the operator has a greater visibility of the work area together with ease of manoeuvrability.

These revolutionary manipulators automatically balance and sense the load weight, adjusting the balance if the weight changes.  This allows the operator to handle loads with varying weights or sizes without interrupting handling operations to adjust load settings, while the innovative float mode function gives high precision in load placing. Intelligent devices for handling are ideal for companies who wish to improve productivity, ergonomics and safety in the workplace.

Work-related injuries are minimised thanks to the ergonomic design which helps to eliminate the strain during load lifting as well as the inertia during acceleration, braking or direction changes of the load.  Added to this, the state-of-the-art safety devices protect against the load falling either by accident or power failure.

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Scaglia INDEVA’s intelligent devices for handling are the perfect solution for businesses who require speed, fluid movement and exact positioning of loads up to 320kg.  We offer complete solutions and cutting-edge technology for materials handling.

To find out more about our innovative range of Liftronic® electronic manipulators or to discuss how we can help you find the right lifting solution for your application, call our experienced team today on 01246 25 23 33.

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