Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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Liftronic Pro - electronic manipulatorsLiftronic® Pro

– Rope on the vertical axis
– Custom gripping tools

Electronic manipulators - Liftronic EasyLiftronic® Easy

– Rope on the vertical axis
– Standard gripping tools

Liftronic Air - electronic manipulatorsLiftronic® Air

– Parallelogram rigid arm for vertical access
– Suitable for handling offset loads

Liftruck electronic manipulatorsLiftruck®

– A transpallet or lifting truck with an electronic manipulator mounted on
– Suitable for loading reels or boxes onto high shelves in warehouses

The INDEVA Liftronic electronic manipulators offer a number of benefits over a traditional manipulator, including:

► Auto-weight sense and auto balancing – an INDEVA automatically and instantly balances the load weight (auto-balancing feature) on a continuous basis, automatically balancing where weight changes (auto-weight sense feature).  No regulator or parameter adjustment is needed when handling different weights or where weight changes during the process.

► Responsiveness, speed and pinpoint precision – an INDEVA moves as fast or as slow as the operator decides; the fingertip control provides an immediate response and the system operates almost like an extension of the human arm.

► Load placing is carried out without bouncing and doesn’t require many small corrective movements to reach the required position.

► Low carbon footprint – studies show that an INDEVA at work can produce a lower carbon footprint than a pneumatic manipulator

► Light and compact – an INDEVA provides a greater visibility of the work area as well