Load Manipulator

World-leading, intelligent load manipulators from Scaglia Indeva

As the world’s first company to apply electronics to industrial manipulators in the 1970s, Scaglia Indeva has since become synonymous with high quality, ergonomic, intelligent devices for material handling across the globe.

A load manipulator powered by innovative electronics will enable operators to lift and move heavy and bulky loads so effortlessly and easilys.  With advanced ergonomic interventions, we have designed our manipulators to drastically reduce the risk of manual material handling-related injuries to operators.

Improve your company’s safety and productivity with an electronic load manipulator

An electronic load manipulator not only boasts exceptional ergonomics, it contributes to a significant increase in productivity, helps reduce the cost of product damage and improves safety in the workplace.  In fact, our new generation of manipulators, known as intelligent devices for handling, are the safest and most productive lifting devices available.

Our load manipulators allow operators to lift and move objects in a natural and intuitive way, so much so that users report that it feels like an extension of their own arm.  With automatic weight sensing and load weight balancing, the operator can handle loads of varying weights, those that change their weight as they are being handled, or loads of different sizes and weights without interrupting the handling operation.

Using the ‘floating’ feature, the operator is able to retain maximum control of the load at all times by being able to place both hands on the load.  Unlike traditional industrial manipulators, electronic load manipulators do not over travel, bounce, or require lots of little corrective movements to reach the desired position.  They are therefore ideal for delicate loads or loads that need precise placement into a restricted area.

Discover the right load manipulator for any scenario

With countless types of gripping and lifting tools, an electronic load manipulator is incredibly versatile and can be used for any type of production/assembly line scenario in any industrial field.  We are also able to supply traditional pneumatic manipulators designed to meet ATEX requirements and can be used in controlled environments where there is the risk of explosion.

For more information on our range of electronic and traditional load manipulators, please contact us using the form on our website, or telephone us on 01246 252 333, or email info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.


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Load Manipulator
Load Manipulator

Load Manipulator