For manufacturers, an efficient, productive and profitable assembly line is essential.  While you may think that your existing, traditional industrial manipulators are doing the job they need to, have you considered how much your assembly line will improve by installing one of the new generation of electronic manipulators – not only for your company but your employees too?

Keeping your workforce healthy

It is a well-known fact that manual material handling causes musculoskeletal injuries to the lower back, shoulders and upper limbs, often leading to employees having long absences due to their injuries.  This has a knock-on effect on employers, who have to deal with a loss in production capacity.

Electronic industrial manipulators have been introduced to reduce, and even eliminate, the stresses and strains placed on the operator’s body during materials handling.  These manipulators allow the operator to move heavy loads smoothly and effortlessly as if they only weighed a few grammes.

Increasing profits

When you install an electronic industrial manipulator, you will not only notice an increase in productivity, but also a reduction in product damage.

These innovative devices make it possible to move even the bulkiest of loads quickly and safely.  The special float control mode makes it possible for the production line operative to place both hands on the load for maximum control and precise load placement, without the need for pressing buttons.

In addition, the built-in safety features guarantee against the load falling either as a result of accident or power failure.

These benefits mean that your production line will work much quicker whilst at the same time reducing product damage, which can only mean one thing – increasing your profits.

Adaptable to meet your requirements

Whatever the product, from electrical appliances to car engines and building materials, there is a perfect load handling solution using electronic industrial manipulators waiting for you.  What’s more, because of their lightweight design, they can easily be installed in any structure.

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