There are a number of reasons why Scaglia Indeva’s industrial manipulators are the first choice in lift assist equipment for large manufacturing companies all over the world.

Industrial Manipulators

In this post, we take a look at just 5 of the key features of our state-of-the-art, innovative industrial manipulators.

1. Advanced health and safety as standard

We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial manipulators that improve ergonomics, making it safe and easy to lift and transport loads of varying weights and sizes.  Fingertip-sensitive handles enable the lifting and lowering of heavy loads with minimal effort required from the operator, improving workplace wellbeing.

Our manipulators also feature the most advanced health and safety features available on the market, meaning in the event of power loss or interruption, the load will be retained with minimal movement.

2. Precision placement of loads

Our industrial manipulators, known as intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®), provides unsurpassed precision in load placement.  With intelligent control, an INDEVA® is faster, more reactive and sensitive to even the smallest of movements, enabling greater control by the operator for precision placement tasks with no impact, thereby reducing the risk of product damage.

3. Bespoke end tools

Our lifting equipment can be designed to meet any load handling and lifting task, regardless of industry, for loads up to around 300kg.  We can provide bespoke end tools to meet any application.  These include grippers with suction cups, magnets, mechanically activated jaws, and vacuum grippers.

4. A unique float mode

The unique float control mode enables the operator to have full control with both hands placed on the load without the need to press buttons or use handles.  This gives operators a greater freedom of movement, allowing for more natural lifting and handling.

5. Auto-balancing

All of our manipulators automatically and continually sense the weight of the load, and instantly balance it.  This enables loads to be handled with varying weights as they pass along the production line, so operators can handle items in an intuitive way.

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