Scaglia Indeva has been manufacturing innovative handling solutions, such as industrial vacuum lifting equipment, that improve production line efficiencies and reduce work-related injuries for customers across the globe for over 50 years. 

Our new generation of advanced INDEVA® industrial manipulators and bespoke gripping devices have been developed to resolve the handling challenges of some of the most demanding industries and stringent safety regulations. 

You might already know that our intelligent devices for handling are industry-leading, but you might be wondering… 

What are the benefits of using industrial vacuum lifting equipment?

Here’s three things to know:

  1. Lift fragile items with vacuum lifting solutions

With state-of-the-art innovations, we have made it simple for fragile items such as panels, sheets, and glass to be lifted and transported easily, safely, and ergonomically.

Our industrial manipulators can be equipped with a variety of lifting and gripping tools, including grippers with suction cups, magnets, and vacuum grippers. With auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing features, you can safely and easily handle panels, sheets and glass of varying weights and sizes, up to 320kg.


Industrial Vacuum lifting equipment
  1. Guarantee exceptional precision with vacuum lifting equipment

Our systems enable slow and controlled movements, helping you to achieve precision load placement with no impact – reducing the risk of damage to fragile or high value components and products.

Equipped with float control mode, you can place both hands on the load without the need to press buttons, allowing for high precision in load placing, whilst the addition of extended and foldable handles gives full control of the load during manoeuvring.

  1. Industrial vacuum lifting solutions are suitable for cross-sector requirements

Whatever your industry, whatever type of product or component, we have the expertise – and the technology – to design and supply the perfect material handling solution to meet your needs.

Whether automotive or aerospace, food production or white goods, glass or electronics, we are able to provide complete vacuum lifting solutions for all cross-sector requirements.



Industry leading vacuum lifting equipment from INDEVA


When used with an INDEVA® manipulator, such as our industry leading Liftronic® series, our vacuum gripping tools enable operators to grasp, lift and move a wide variety of products and components effortlessly and ergonomically.

We work with some of the largest manufacturers around the world from sectors including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, glass, household appliances, and many more. Every application is designed specifically for your unique requirements to ensure optimal results.

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