In the dynamic world of industrial manufacturing, the quest for efficiency and safety is constant. As a market leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art industrial manipulators​​, the team at Scaglia Indeva recognises that these devices aren’t just tools; they are game-changers in the manufacturing landscape.

Revolutionising Material Handling with Electronic Manipulators

Scaglia Indeva’s manipulators are crafted to enhance ergonomics, safety, and productivity in diverse industrial environments​​. With a capacity to handle loads up to 320kg, these manipulators serve a broad spectrum of industries, offering custom-made solutions tailored to specific production needs.

The Liftronic® Series: Innovation in Electronic Manipulators

The Liftronic® Series stands out for its advanced microprocessor-based logic. These electronic manipulators are more compact and lighter than traditional models, allowing operators to manoeuvre heavy and bulky loads swiftly and precisely. Their design emphasises fingertip control for minimal exertion, revolutionising how tasks are performed in industrial settings​​.

Enhancing Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

One of the overarching benefits of Scaglia Indeva’s manipulators is their contribution to workplace safety and ergonomics. By reducing the physical strain of manual material handling, these devices help mitigate the risk of work-related injuries, making them an integral part of a safe and efficient workplace​​.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

  1. Health and Safety: Scaglia Indeva’s manipulators prioritise ergonomics and safety. They are designed to enable easy lifting and transport of various loads, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Advanced safety features ensure minimal movement of the load in case of power loss or interruption​​.
  2. Precision Load Placement: With intelligent control, the INDEVA manipulators offer exceptional precision in load placement, reducing product damage risks​​.
  3. Customisable End Tools: Scaglia Indeva can provide bespoke end tools for a range of applications, including grippers with suction cups, magnets, mechanically activated jaws, and vacuum grippers​​.
  4. Unique Float Mode: This feature allows operators to move loads naturally and intuitively, enhancing the handling experience​​.
  5. Auto-Balancing: The manipulators automatically sense and balance the load’s weight, allowing for intuitive handling of varying weights​​.

In an industry where performance and safety are paramount, electronic manipulators like those from Scaglia Indeva are not just tools but vital components in maintaining competitiveness and safeguarding workers. Scaglia Indeva’s manipulators can be seamlessly integrated with IT systems and other machinery, enhancing efficiency in assembly lines and warehouses​​. Our expertise in designing custom solutions ensures that each manipulator addresses specific industry needs, balancing productivity with operator well-being, safety, and ergonomics. By embracing these technological advancements, companies can stay ahead in the industry, ensuring a future where efficiency and safety coexist harmoniously.