Getting everyone back to work safely is a topic of hot conversation in every workplace. Many professions are able to return to work with small alterations to workstations or processes to ensure that social distancing protocols are able to be followed correctly. These may include using screens or barriers to separate co-workers, or using back-to-back or side-to-side working. However, when it comes to lifting heavy objects it can be hard to adhere to these protocols without the assistance of a manipulator or Indeva AGVs, as it is often a two or more person activity.

We have been at the forefront of developing intelligent lifting devices that help improve production lines across a wide range of industries.  Our innovative machinery enables the lifting, moving and placing of loads with ease and precision, whilst also improving ergonomics for the operator.  As part of these innovations, we have developed the INDEVA® AGV. This Automated Guided Vehicle not only streamlines production lines, but it can help with companies who are looking for ways to effectively meet social distancing protocols.

Indeva AGVs

Integrated technology to help companies achieve Lean Manufacturing

Using integrated technology, the INDEVA® AGV was designed to help companies achieve Lean Manufacturing principles by providing low-cost and effective solutions for logistics across assembly lines of all shapes and sizes.

It works by following a magnetic tape which is laid along the length of the transportation route so that it is able to carry material from the warehouse to the assembly line and onwards.  Using closed loop control, Indeva AGVs are programmed using a touch panel or PC interface to track magnetic tape laid across the production line floor, enabling it to follow a designed route around the production line. This enables the provision of a ‘just-in-time’ delivery system with no destination errors. This also means that employees do not have to visit the warehouse to collect tools or components, limiting their contact with other employees.

Find out today how we can create a bespoke logistics solution using an INDEVA® AGV

The AGV is composed of a variety of standard modules and accessories which can be quickly and easily configured to create a bespoke transport solution for any size of facility and for any type of production line.  If processes change or the AGV needs to be redeployed, the system can easily be reconfigured with very little disruption to the production line.

Manufacturers in sectors such as automotive and electronics have found that Indeva AGVs increase production line productivity and efficiency, whilst reducing costs. For more information on our AGVs, please call us on 01246 252333, or email


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