Scaglia Indeva is the first port of call for many of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world when looking for advanced and complete materials handling solutions.We are able to provide a complete material handling system, including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and innovative industrial manipulators, which not only significantly improve ergonomics but are proven to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency too.Companies such as the PSA Group choose INDEVA® material handling and internal logistics solutions to optimise their production line and material handling, in their many sites across the globe. Using advanced electronics, our manipulators allow operators to be able to place both hands on the load and move it with minimal exertion. This enables them to fully concentrate on aligning parts and components they are fitting.The PSA Group have recently published a YouTube video showing their Peugeot 3008 production line, showcasing their highly efficient operation using a combination of automation and assembly personnel.
As part of the video, you will see the new INDEVA® AGV and Lean System in action. The AGV is designed to carry material to the exact point you need it, whilst the Lean System increases efficiency and minimises downtime. Using Wi-Fi and internal IT systems, the AGV follows a pre-programmed path along a magnetic track to provide a bespoke transport solution for your assembly line. Quick and easy to programme, it takes just a couple of minutes to change route or destination using a touch panel on the AGV or via PC interface.Our Industry 4.0 ready AGVs and advanced industrial manipulators, have been introduced so that companies can improve productivity and efficiency, as well as helping them meet their Lean Manufacturing requirements.Whatever, the application, we can create a bespoke material handling system that is designed to optimise the performance of your operation. For more information on our systems, or to discuss your particular requirements, please call us on 01246 252333, email, or complete your details on our contact form.