When we say that we can create a bespoke lifting solution for virtually any application, we are not boasting!

Combining a range of modern, innovative industrial manipulators, state-of-the-art technology, and a wide variety of lifting and gripping tools, we can design and install a complete material handling solution that meets the individual needs of each production line.

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Whatever the industry, whatever the load

We work with a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, food and drink, chemicals and pharmaceutical, furniture, white goods, glass, sanitary ware, rubber, plastics and paper – to name but a few!

From traditional pneumatic industrial manipulators for handling offset and heavy loads to advanced electronic manipulators that are Industry 4.0 ready, our lifting solutions will make production lines more efficient by increasing productivity and reducing product damage, as well as providing significant improvements on safety and ergonomics for your employees. [/ezcol_2third_end]

We are market leaders in providing bespoke solutions for manual material handling tasks.  Our advanced electronic manipulators auto-sense and automatically balance the load as it travels along the production line, making it perfect for loads that are bulky, awkward or change weight during the assembly line process.  With effortless load handling, our manipulators provide finger-tip control and perfect precision placement.

For the quick and efficient transportation of materials and tools from the warehouse to the assembly line, we have developed the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).  These vehicles follow magnetic tape along the transportation route and can be configured to provide a bespoke transportation system for any application.

Industry 4.0 Ready

To meet Industry 4.0 demands, the Indeva® Gateway provides output and input data exchange using internal Wi-Fi and IT networks, giving customers real time information on all aspects of their production line.

To find out more about our innovative and bespoke lifting solution for your application and to discuss how we can change the way your production line operates, please call us today on 01246 252333, or email info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.