A solution for fragile lifting requirements

In the manufacture of fragile and high value items, damage during production through lifting can have a significant effect on a company’s top line.

Accidents happen in the workplace. However, with the installation of a complete material handling system that is designed to meet the specific needs of your particular operation, it is possible to significantly reduce – and even eliminate – damage and breakages to your fragile products.

At Scaglia Indeva, we provide innovative solutions to a wide range of material handling problems, including that of the safe lifting, transportation and placement of fragile goods. 

Smooth, safe and ergonomic lifting of fragile goods

Our range of industrial manipulators is equipped with advanced electronics to provide smooth and safe material handling in any application, from heavy and bulky goods, to fragile and high value items.  They can be equipped with a variety of gripping tools such as suction cups, magnets, jaws, and compact, scissor or linear pantographs to provide a bespoke material handling solution that meets the individual needs of any production line.

Our manipulators are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, which not only prevent the load from falling should there be a power outage, but also prevents movement of the load unless an operator is present and in control of the lifting equipment.

With fingertip control, it is possible to lift, lower and place loads with complete precision, with very little effort placed on the operator.

Our range of industrial manipulators, or intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®), are designed to improve ergonomics and safety, increase productivity, and reduce product damage – even in the case of lifting fragile products and components.

To find out more, or to discuss with a member of our team about your fragile lifting requirements, please call us on 01246 252333, or email info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.