Innovative Handling Solutions for the Food Industry

Market leading, innovative handling solutions for the food industry

Scaglia Indeva is the market leader in the design and production of bespoke material handling devices that improve productivity, safety and ergonomics across a wide range of sectors.  Our industrial manipulators, or intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®s), can be combined with a variety of bespoke gripping devices to create a tailor-made material handling solution for any application.

We work closely with customers based in the food industry to provide them with innovative handling solutions. We can help them increase productivity and efficiency whilst reducing breakages, which in turn saves them money.

Innovative handling solutions to meet any requirement

The food industry is just one such sector where our industrial manipulators can make a significant positive impact to the way that production lines perform. However, it is not a case where ‘one size fits all’. For example, a different handling solution would be required for lifting crates of wine bottles to that of handling cheese.

Our innovative handling solutions for the food industry are designed to meet the individual challenges of each single operation.  From providing multi-cup vacuum grippers for handling jam jars to customised hooks or tools for handling whole ham joints.  Whatever your food or beverage processing requirement, we can provide a complete handling solution that meets the exact needs of your particular production line. This is not limited to just the finished food items, as Indeva manipulators can also be designed to handle packaging materials such as reels of film, as well as sacks containing ingredients, even if they contain flour and other powdered ingredients which are subject to ATEX regulations.

Discover innovative handling solutions for your food operation today 

Manual material handling of food and beverage products can cause stress and strain to the back, neck, shoulders and arms, which can result in time off work. Our innovative handling solutions for the food industry have been designed to eliminate this stress and strain, thereby vastly improving the ergonomics for operators.  It is possible to lift, move and perform precise placement tasks on heavy or bulky loads with minimal effort.

Whatever type of load is being handled, the state-of-the-art safety features of the INDEVA® prevents movement of the load unless an operator is present and in control. In addition, should there be a power failure, the load will not fall but will, in fact, remain safe until power is restored or the full weight of the load is supported.

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