Often at the forefront of technological advancements in a wide range of industries, the Japanese pioneered the use of Lean Manufacturing principles to reduce waste in the workplace.  There are three types of waste – non-value-added work, overburden, and unevenness. In simple terms, addressing these principles enable companies to improve performance, increase efficiency, and improve the wellbeing of employees.

Lean ManufacturingAchieving Lean Manufacturing principles with Lean Systems

As more companies across the world adopt Lean Manufacturing principles to improve their performance, companies like Scaglia Indeva have developed Lean Systems to help manufacturers develop flexible manufacturing cells.  These flexible systems help companies identify and eliminate waste in their operation and minimise manual material handling, thereby improving productivity and quality.

It is relatively straightforward to implement a Lean Manufacturing system into a production environment. With a whole range of products from flow racks to kit trolleys, designed to streamline, eliminate handling, and improve the performance and efficiency of production lines, modular systems can be easily specified to provide a tailor-made solution for any assembly application.

Material transport equipment, flow racks and picking systems, kit and sequence systems, workstations for assembly, and kitting components and systems for packaging have all been designed to enable companies to deliver the principles of Lean Manufacturing, cost effectively.

Lean Systems going beyond manufacturing

Lean Systems are not just confined to manufacturing processes, they can also be utilised in retail environments such as supermarkets.  With line side stock systems, companies can improve stock rotation and ordering as well as ensuring shelves are fully stocked.

Achieving the goal of optimised work flow and reducing waste, whilst being able to adapt easily should processes change, can be achieved by implementing state of the art Lean Systems. The Indeva Lean System® enables companies across a wide range of sectors to meet all of their Lean Manufacturing goals.

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