Awkwardly shaped items might not be heavy, but they present a whole new challenge when handling in any production line setting, especially if space is an issue.

Piping systems for surface water drainage, sewer systems, cable protection (both internal and underground), or for utilities come in a variety of lengths and circumferences. Moving, turning, or placing long pipes can be awkward and cumbersome, especially if using a fork lift.  It’s only made more difficult if the pipes are required to be placed precisely on a banding trolley, as using a forklift makes this task virtually impossible, particularly when speed is of the essence.

Efficient, precise handling improving productivity

This is where an industrial manipulator such as our Liftronic® intelligent device for handling is invaluable. It provides fast, efficient and precision placement for repetitive handling tasks, which in turn improves productivity.

Piping systems
Our systems can be equipped with countless types of lifting and gripping tools, so that we can custom design a material handling system to suit the load being handled.  Their auto balancing and auto-weight sensing functions automatically and continually senses the load as it is moving, thereby eliminating the need to pre-set loads or for keeping buttons depressed.  What’s more, they offer exceptional responsiveness, speed and fluid movement with precise load placement.

Safe, ergonomic lifting of piping systems

They eliminate the need for the use of a forklift in the production area making it a safer environment for staff to carry out their tasks. In addition, the Liftronic® provides effortless lifting of even the most awkwardly shaped items, thereby improving ergonomics/employee wellbeing.

The float control mode enables operators to place both hands on the load without the need to press or hold buttons. This gives them maximum control over loads and enables them to undertake precision load placement, even in the smallest of areas.

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