Whatever your industry, whatever type of product or component, we have the expertise – and the technology – to design and supply the perfect material handling solution to meet your needs.

Using advanced electronic control, our state-of-the-art intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®) can be equipped with a number of custom end effectors and gripping devices, enabling us to create a bespoke solution to meet the exact requirements of each individual production line.

Whether automotive or aerospace, food production or white goods, glass or electronics, we are able to provide complete vacuum lifting solutions for all cross-sector requirements.

Vacuum lifting solutions that provide effortless and safe load handling

Used in conjunction with an INDEVA® manipulator, our vacuum gripping tools enable operators to grasp, lift and move a wide variety of products and components effortlessly and ergonomically. With intelligent auto-weight sensing and balancing features that operate in real time, it is possible to handle loads of varying weights and sizes without the need to pre-set the load or to keep buttons depressed.

Our systems enable slow and controlled movements, which mean that operatives can achieve precision load placement with no impact, reducing the risk of damage to fragile or high value components and products. This, together with our innovative safety features that guard against the load falling even if power supply is interrupted, means that our vacuum lifting solutions provide safe, ergonomic and efficient material handling – regardless of application.

Creating bespoke vacuum lifting solutions that improve any operation

Our market-leading vacuum lifting solutions enable us to design a bespoke material handling system that meets the exact requirements of your production line.  Our systems can improve productivity, efficiency, ergonomics and safety whilst reducing breakages – all which have a positive impact on the profitability of your operation.

To find out more about our vacuum lifting solutions, or to discuss your material handling requirements, please telephone on 01246 252333, or email info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.