Material Handling SolutionHard or soft, block or wheel, the manual handling of cheese can be an awkward task. Not only is it bulky, its shape and weight means that gripping the cheese safely and ergonomically can be difficult.

With a Scaglia Indeva industrial manipulator, handling cheese can be an effortless task.

Handling bulky and heavy cheese can cause stress and strain to backs, necks, shoulders, and upper limbs. However, by introducing ergonomic handling solutions, you can reduce and even eliminate these stresses and strains.

Industrial manipulators improving ergonomics whilst providing precise material handling

Our industrial manipulators, otherwise known as intelligent devices for handling, are equipped with intelligent electronic control that enables the safe, ergonomic, smooth and precise load handling for any size, shape or weight of cheese – hard or soft.

Equipping our industrial manipulators with bespoke gripping tools enables operators to handle cheese with minimal effort. Hard cheese blocks or wheels can be handled by means of a vacuum gripping tool applied to the standard tool head, and a rotation device can then be used to turn the cheese up to 90°. Soft cheese, on the other hand, can be handled by adding a simple stainless steel hook attached to the outer sack.

Meeting food hygiene standards

When handling or processing any food stuff, it is vital that every effort is made to ensure that food hygiene standards are met, and we are able to design our manipulators to fulfil these requirements. In addition, safety features are built in to all of our manipulators which guarantee against loads falling, even in the event of power failure or accident.
When it comes to the effortless handling of cheese in a food processing environment, whether it’s hard or soft cheese, our industrial manipulators will improve your handling operation. To find out more, or to speak to one of our team about your cheese handling requirements and the bespoke handling solutions that we are able to provide, give us a call on 01246 252333, or email