Indeva is well known to be a forward-thinking company that provides innovative material handling solutions to a number of leading cross-sector companies. New technology is being developed continually to improve production and assembly lines, making them more productive, efficient and ergonomic, thereby improving the wellbeing of operatives.

The Indeva Lean System® supporting the principles of Lean Manufacturing

The Lean System® has been designed to support the principles of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy which derives from the Japanese manufacturing industry.  Lean Manufacturing works from a set of ‘tools’ that assist in the identification and steady elimination of waste.  As the waste is eliminated, quality is improved, and production time and costs are reduced.

Increasing productivity and saving time and money

Versatile, flexible, re-useable and easy to configure, our Lean System® is ideal for companies looking to optimise their production space and eliminate waste, as well as those working on a continuous improvement policy to increase efficiency and profitability.  In fact, research shows that implementation of a Lean System® can quarter lead times, double productivity and save up to 20% of overall costs.

A complete Lean Manufacturing system for any sector

The range of products and components available as part of the Indeva Lean System® includes abrasion-resistant plastic-coated steel tubes, steel joints, roller tracks, ergonomic workstations, trolleys, carts and dollies, flow racks, gravity fed racks, line-side racks, shelving, modular stage systems, and material transport equipment.


Flow Rack


Train Set

Kit Trolley

Special Trolley

Pallet Racking

Other Equipment

These systems, along with our range of industrial manipulators, provide a turnkey solution for delivery and assembly functions in all market sectors.  Whatever type of industry, whatever the assembly line requirements, we can create a bespoke Lean System® that meets companies’ individual requirements.  Companies will see instant benefits of increased productivity and efficiency, improved ergonomics, and improved profitability, as well as enabling them to meet Lean Manufacturing standards.

For more information about our Lean Systems®, Lean Manufacturing, or about our full range of products and services, please contact us.