Industrial lifting equipment, or industrial manipulators, were introduced to satisfy the need for increased ergonomics and safety in manual handling operations. Traditional pneumatic manipulators are able to fulfil this requirement satisfactorily. However, the new generation of electronic manipulators have revolutionised the way loads are handled in many industries from aerospace to glazing, automotive to home appliances.

As well as the benefits of better ergonomics and safety in manual handling, electronic manipulators will reward your business with improved productivity, long-term reliability, and a reduction in product damage, which in turn will result in increased profitability.

Electronic manipulators are the safest and most productive industrial lifting equipment available. Thanks to their versatility, it is possible to design a bespoke lifting solution for any industrial process. With a lightweight structure, it is possible to install them to different supports such as column, ceiling and overhead rails, while they can also be equipped with various mechanical, magnetic or vacuum based lifting tools.

Other features include:

• Self-balancing and auto-weight sensing.
With advanced microprocessor-based electronics, the lifting system is able to continually sense the load weight along the production line and can automatically balance the load as the weight changes. This enables the operator to move and position loads of varying weight easily and effortlessly, without the need to interrupt handling operations or adjust load settings.

• Precision in load placement and effortless load handling.
The operator is able to carry out precision placement tasks due to the unique float control mode. Because there is no need to press buttons or to use handles to move the load, it is possible to have both hands on the load itself, thereby giving the operator maximum control.

Operators will find that it takes very little effort to move even the heaviest and bulkiest of loads. The fingertip control provides an immediate response to the operator’s movements up and down, significantly reducing inertia.

• Guaranteed safety.
In the case of power failure, the grip on the load is maintained by state-of-the-art safety devices.

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