Scaglia Indeva has over 50 years’ experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing electronic industrial manipulators. As market leaders in the sector, we have the most complete range of state-of-the-art material handling equipment available today; not only that, but we can supply totally bespoke solutions to meet any customer requirements.

We help our customers achieve not only greater productivity, but also – most importantly – improved operator wellbeing, health, safety and ergonomics. Our new generation of advanced INDEVA industrial manipulators, together with our bespoke gripping devices, has been developed to:

  • Meet the challenge of increasing efficiency
  • Reduce production line damage
  • Improve operators’ health and safety
  • Safely lift and handle materials whilst maintaining social distancing

The above benefits are valuable features of industrial manipulators, but why exactly are Scaglia Indeva’s industrial manipulators considered ‘human extenders’?

Industrial Manipulators

Our Industrial Manipulators as Human Extenders

Our range of gripping tools and lifting components can be manufactured as a bespoke design to handle any type of lifting and transporting task – for any industry. From bulky, unusually-shaped or heavy items, to loads that change weight as they proceed along the assembly line, we can provide a tailor-made material handling system for any application.

Our extensive range of gripping tools includes: suction cups; magnets; jaws; compact, scissor or linear pantographs. These tools, combined with our extensive range of industrial manipulator equipment, result in an intelligent lifting solution that simulates a real person performing the task – hence the term ‘human extender’.

Our best-in-class industrial manipulator systems provide optimal results with:

  • Smooth, precise load lifting and placement
  • Complete control for operators
  • Auto-weight sensing and balancing features
  • No interruption of handling operations: no need to adjust load settings

Such seamless usability suggests that Scaglia Indeva’s industrial manipulators really are human extenders! Our totally intelligent handling devices combine the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator – with the power of a machine; this enables operators to manoeuvre loads naturally, as if it were an extension of their own arm – a human extender. In fact, some customers have commented that they are able to handle loads in such an intuitive way, they almost forget they are using a machine.

To discover your own ‘human extender’ industrial manipulator solution, and find out more about the benefits it can provide for your business, please contact us by calling 01246 252 333.