It may seem like a bold claim, but it’s true. Our industrial manipulators are equipped with advanced technology which has been proven to improve both safety and ergonomics in manual material handling across a wide range of sectors – including the food and drink industry.

The food and drink industry covers a multitude of operations, from tinned and boxed food stuffs to beer kegs and wine crates, raw food ingredients to large joints of meats.  However, whatever the application, whatever needs handling, we can provide a bespoke handling solution to meet the individual needs of each operation.

Whether you are running a food production line, or are a storage facility for pallets of food or drink, we can provide you with the perfect handling system for your needs. Our range of industrial manipulators can be equipped with a variety of gripping and lifting tools that can easily and effortlessly handle heavy and bulky loads. Indeva industrial manipulators can even be designed to handle loads which change in weight and need to be tilted, for example when ingredients need to be decanted from one container to another in a controlled manner. The auto weight sensing and balancing features means that the manipulator automatically adjusts its settings as the load is moved to the new container with no downtime or operator input.

Safety features – built in as standard

We have included state-of-the-art safety features in all of our products to ensure against product damage. Unless an operator is present and in control of the load, it is not possible for the load to move on its own. In addition, should a power failure occur, the motor is held with a mechanical lock which means that the load cannot be released until the power is restored or the full weight of the load is supported by other means.

Our industrial manipulators are also designed and manufactured to meet food and beverage hygiene standards, enabling you to stay compliant.

Improved ergonomics for your workforce

Manual material handling accounts for a large percentage of stress and strain to the upper body, and can result in the operator being off work for a number of days. Our industrial manipulators are not only the safest on the market, but they are the most ergonomic also. With advanced finger-tip control, it is possible to lift, move and place loads with very little effort, reducing – and even eliminating – the stress and strain of manual material handling.

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