Industry ready 4.0 industrial manipulators

Industry 4.0 … what is it?

In a nutshell, Industry 4.0 is the 21st Century’s industrial revolution!

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that everything has gone digital, from online shopping to instantly knowing how much energy your house is using, minute by minute.  There’s even a mobile app that is available which can show you who is ringing your doorbell when you’re not home.  It was therefore only a matter of time before the manufacturing industry embraced the new technology available across the world and began its journey to digitalisation.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is defined as “the next phase in the digitalisation of the manufacturing sector”[1].  Using data exchange and analysis, automation and human-machine interaction, it is possible to create a ‘smart factory’ where systems are able to communicate with one another through a digital network.

Scaglia Indeva and Industry 4.0

As experts in the design and manufacture of industrial manipulators with advanced electronics, it’s no surprise that our electronic and electro-pneumatic materials handling equipment is 4.0 ready.

We have developed a range of solutions that are designed to increase productivity, improve ergonomics and enable production and assembly lines to work more efficiently and effectively.  Our Industry 4.0 ready systems include:

  • The INDEVA Gateway®
    Our electronic industrial manipulators that are equipped with the INDEVA Gateway® are able to generate a real time output and input data exchange.  Using internal Wi-Fi and IT networks.  It is possible to programme the machinery to handle different products in one production chain, and adapt machine cycles according to product model, serial number or working sequence.
  • App-Indeva
    This App enables Android phones or tablets to be connected to your lift assistor, collecting and analysing real-time data.  It can provide machine performance information as well as alert you to any issue that may arise.  Service personnel can read diagnostic data remotely and provide solutions immediately.
  • Indeva Lean Systems
    The Indeva Lean System® represents the ideal platform for implementing the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Lean thinking in any industrial environment. These systems, alongside our comprehensive industrial manipulator range, offer a turnkey solution for delivery and assembly functions to all market sectors.  It works in perfect harmony with the aims of digitalisation, improving efficiency and productivity levels.
  • Indeva AGV
    An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), the Indeva AGV is designed travel along a magnetic track to deliver goods, machinery and tools following a pre-programmed route around the assembly line.

To find out more about our Industry 4.0 ready systems and discover how they can improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your production line, please contact us today.

[1] Source: McKinsey & Company