In the last few months, times have certainly changed. In addition to the normal health and safety requirements surrounding the wellbeing of staff and awareness of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), including repetitive strain injuries caused by repeated handling of low weights, employers must put in place additional measures for staff to be able to social distance.

When it comes to manual handling and working on production lines, there are many situations where more than one operator is required to be working in close proximity with at least one other employee. If this is the case, a new way of working may have to be found.

Production line lifting equipment for social distancing

There is a solution to be able to keep your manufacturing facility open whilst improving productivity and keeping employees safe. The Indeva range of intelligent industrial manipulators and accessories have been designed to make material handling tasks, for even heavy loads, quick and effortless with only one operator required.

Flow racking and other products from the INDEVA® Lean System can be used in conjunction with a manipulator to improve a production line’s flow – whether that’s for moving and placement tasks, loading items into machines or filling boxes within a warehouse facility. The newest manipulator in the range, the Indeva Mobile, offers even greater flexibility as the manipulator itself can be moved easily between various sites within a facility for assisting with lifting many different products.

Lifting equipment

This means that companies can undertake a range of handling tasks along production lines, on the factory floor or in warehousing facilities, whilst their employees can safely work, keeping a minimum of 2 metres apart.

Find out how our industrial manipulators can keep your employees safe and improve your production line

Indeva’s industrial manipulators not only enable employees to work at safe distances but also improve ergonomics. Whilst manual and repetitive handling tasks can be a cause of back injuries and repetitive strain injuries, the installation of industrial manipulators such as our intelligent devices for handling (INDEVA®) has been proven to reduce, and even eliminate the stresses and strains that cause WRMSDs.

For more in-depth information and advice on how businesses can get back to work safely, the Government has produced a number of guidance documents. Their ‘Working safely during COVID-19 in factories, plants and warehouses’ guidance document sets out the various measures that need to be put in place to ensure all staff are protected – from carrying out risk assessments and managing risk to advice on social distancing measures and protecting your workforce.

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