If you have not yet upgraded your lifting system, or have not got around to installing a mechanical system at all, it may be time to consider a material handling solution that will boost your company’s productivity and increase your profits.

Studies show that the introduction of one of the new generation electronic industrial manipulators can not only increase productivity, it also significantly improves ergonomics and the well-being of employees who carry out manual material handling tasks.

Whatever the type of production or assembly line you operate; there is a perfect manual handling solution for your particular application.  The introduction of intelligent electronic control to industrial manipulators means that it is possible to create a faster, more reactive and sensitive material handling solutions regardless of the load.

Material Handling Solutions

Gripping tools to make it easy to handle different types of loads

Each manipulator is designed to meet your exact specification and can be equipped with bespoke gripping devices to meet the specific process. Product damage will become a thing of the past, as each gripping tool comes with state-of-the-art safety features that retain hold on the load, even there is interruption to the power or air supply. Each of these tools can be changed in a matter of seconds thanks to a quick coupling device which enables you to handle different types of loads with only minimal interruption of your production capability.

Precision placement with maximum control

In addition, electronic manipulators do not over-travel, ‘bounce’ or require lots of little corrective movements to get your load to the required destination.  The operator is able to perform precision load placement tasks with both hands on the load, as there are no buttons to push or handles to hold.  This makes it ideal for delicate loads, or where the product needs to be placed in a confined or restricted area.

Because the manipulator moves with the operator’s hand, the faster they move, the faster it moves.  It is as if the machine is an extension of the operator’s own arm.  It is possible to move loads of up to around 300kgs with very little effort.

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