Handling for HamsThe word ‘ham’ can conjure up a number of images. It may be the boiled ham that’s eaten at Christmas, or even a large ham leg such as Italian Prosciutto.  In food production, it can mean a variety of different types, sizes or weights of ham, all of which may need very different handling requirements.

Precise, easy and ergonomic handling solutions for hams

The new Liftronic® Easy is the ideal solution for handling hams within the food processing industry.  They can be equipped with specialist hooks and tools for handling whole ham joints.

With electronic control and electric drive, it delivers fast and precise load positioning and placement with ease, thereby enabling the operator to handle heavy hams with very little effort.

When handling hams, it is vitally important that all steps are taken to ensure hygiene standards are met. If a ham should fall on the floor during handling, that ham will need to be discarded. Our industrial manipulators, such as the Liftronic® Easy, are all fitted with safety devices which ensure against the ham falling in case of accident or during power failure.

Trust the experts for a safe and hygienic material handling system for hams

Indeva is expert in providing bespoke material handling solutions for the handling of hams in the food processing industry. We understand the strict safety and hygiene requirements that this industry needs to comply with and we are able to design manipulators to fulfil these requirements.

The food and beverage industry covers a wide range of processes and applications, which is why a one-size-fits-all material handling solution is not suitable.  At Scaglia Indeva, we work closely with our customers to understand the intricacies of their particular operation. To speak to one of our team about your handling requirement, please call us on 01246 252333, or email info@uk-indevagroup.co.uk.