Here at Scaglia Indeva, we are known for the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for material handling that help production lines around the globe improve productivity, ergonomics and safety.
As the UK’s manufacturers continue to get back on track following COVID-19 and the countrywide temporary shutdown of many businesses, we are here to support businesses and help them to grow.

Industry 4.0 ready technology to help manufacturers achieve a smart factory

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2019, published by The Manufacturer, shows that the UK still plays a major part in global manufacturing and is the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world. The UK manufacturing industry currently employs 2.7 million people and accounts for 45% of the country’s total exports which equates to £275bn*, making it a valuable sector to the UK’s economy.

With sustained growth of 1.4% per year since 1948, the ONS attributes this to:

  • Better quality;
  • A more skilled workforce;
  • A shift in production from low to high productivity goods;
  • Improvements in automation and technology;
  • Increased investment in research and development; and
  • A more integrated global economy.

One of the key findings of the report is that 81% of UK manufacturers are ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity. The report also highlights the Smart Factory and the huge potential that this has to transform businesses. Indeva industrial manipulators are Industry 4.0 ready and help manufacturers to achieve Lean Manufacturing principles.

UK manufacturing

Industry 4.0 enables automation and data exchange in manufacturing and creates a “smart factory”. Indeva manipulators are equipped with advanced technology which provides real time output and input data exchange with the customer IT system. By collecting and analysing machine data, our technology can provide insights to the operator, maintenance staff, or even our Indeva Service Centre. In turn, reduced time is needed for diagnostics, trouble shooting and repair.

Delivering improved productivity, ergonomics and safety for UK manufacturing

Indeva industrial manipulators not only enable manufacturers to operate a smart factory, they also offer significant ergonomic and safety improvements. Repetitive manual handling tasks are proven to contribute to a number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), which in turn results in working days lost and reduced production capacity. Indeva manipulators provide ergonomic, easy lifting, moving and placing of loads without putting any stress or strain on the operator – thereby lowering the risk of WRMSDs.

We are here to support UK manufacturers across a wide variety of sectors, helping them to run world-class facilities. To find out how we can support you, and how our INDEVA® manipulators can improve productivity, ergonomics and safety in your workplace, please get in touch with us today on 01246 252 333, or email

*Statistics provided by Make UK (formerly EEF)