Intelligent lifting devices will change the way your production line operates.  These new generation industrial manipulators have been designed to not only improve ergonomics and safety for operators, but to also increase productivity and ultimately, profitability.

What are intelligent lifting devices?

Intelligent lifting devices are electronically controlled manual load handling systems which are lighter and more compact than traditional pneumatic manipulators.  They allow operators to handle loads of up to 320kg (including tooling) with greater speed and precision.  Sensitive and reactive to even the smallest of movement, the operator will find that it is possible to move loads as if they were a fraction of the original weight

What are the benefits of installing an intelligent lifting device?

There are many benefits to be gained by choosing an intelligent lifting device over a traditional manipulator.  These include:

  • Improved ergonomics. Fingertip control reduces inertia, which means the system operates almost like an extension of the human arm. The unique float control mode allows the operator to have both hands on the load giving maximum control without the need for handles or to press buttons.
  • State-of-the-art safety devices that protect against the load falling, by accident or power failure.
  • Auto-weight sensing and self-balancing. Microprocessor-based software automatically and instantly balances the load weight, continually adjusting and balancing as the weight changes during handling operations.  There is no need, therefore, to adjust load settings during operation.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of load you need to convey, an intelligent lifting device can be equipped with countless types of lifting tools according to your requirements.
  • The motor drive and electronic control means that a much higher speed can be achieved than with traditional manipulators.

An intelligent lifting device can be designed to suit your manual material handling requirements regardless of dimensions, shapes and weights for any industrial field.  To find out more about intelligent lifting devices and our extensive range of manual handling equipment, please browse our website.