Like many industries, developments in the automotive sector are constantly changing.  Keeping up with technical demands as well as staying ahead of the competition is an ongoing challenge.

Having fast and efficient production and assembly lines that meet all your requirements can make all the difference, which is why Scaglia Indeva’s range of advanced industrial manipulators are trusted by some of the world’s largest and best-known automotive manufacturers.

What makes our industrial manipulators the material handling solution to choose?

Throughout the whole of the automotive industry, from manufacturers of clutch assemblies to those producing doors and sunroofs, strict guidelines in relation to employee safety and ergonomics must be followed.

We supply market-leading industrial manipulators, or Intelligent Assist Devices which have been designed to improve the safety, ergonomics and performance of production lines, meeting the high standards required by automotive manufacturers around the world.

Giving unrivalled ergonomic performance, our Intelligent Assist Devices significantly reduce manual material handling-related injuries in the workplace by providing effortless load handling of loads up to around 320kg.

There are many great features of to our extensive range of industrial manipulators.  These include:

  • The manipulators automatically and continually sense and balance the load weight during operation. Using advanced microprocessors, they adjust the balancing as and when the weight changes.  The operator is therefore able to handle loads of varying weights without the need to adjust load settings, pushing buttons etc.
  • Natural and intuitive load handling.
  • Unlike older pneumatic manipulators, electronic manipulators do not over-travel, bounce, or require lots of small corrective movements to place the load to the required position. A float control mode enables the operator to have both hands on the load, giving maximum control and providing precise and accurate load placement.
  • Electronic manipulators respond immediately to the operator’s movements up or down, drastically reducing inertia during starting, acceleration and deceleration, providing significant ergonomic advantages over other lift assist equipment.
  • With built-in safety features as standard, grip is retained on the load at all times, even in the case of power failure.
  • They can be equipped with countless types of lifting and gripping tools to meet any application. The quick coupling device allows tools to be changed quickly and easily to enable the handling of different types of loads with only a 15 second work interruption.

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